WHO Published Recommendations On Measurement Of Digital Health

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Download the full publication “Measurement of digital health: methodological recommendations and case studies” by World Health Organization (WHO) and and its regional office in the Americas, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). 

The publication is a response to the growing need for reliable data and indicators to help governments develop and monitor ICT policies and strategies, compare their progress with other countries, and adopt solutions for meaningful and egalitarian use of these technologies in the health sector.

Therefore, measuring universalization of access to ICT in health facilities and their use and appropriation by healthcare professionals is essential for formulating evidence-based public policies. Countries need to be able to rely on a common conceptual and methodological framework and to count on comparable indicators.


  • An Overview of International Approaches to the Measurement of Digital Health
  • Design and Implementation of ICT in Health Surveys: Methodology and Regional Experiences
  • Methodological Recommendations for the Measurement of Access and Use of ICT in the Health Sector
  • Evidence for Supporting the Development of Health Policies: Brazil’s Experience
  • Incorporation and Measurement of ICT in the Health Sector: The Uruguayan Case
  • Digital Health Measurement: Progress and Challenges in the Latin American and Caribbean Region
  • Questionnaire for Measuring Access and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Health Sector

Click on the cover to download the report:

Bez tytułu

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