Out now! “Augmented Health(Care)” by Lucien Engelen

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“Everything changes, and we change with it. The world is changing, society is changing, technology is changing, and so health(care) is.” – writes in the book “Augmented Health(care)” Lucien EngelenDirector REshape Center, Radboudumc & Global Strategist Digital Health.

“And it does so at ever increasing speeds. Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, and Amazon have entered our life and are here to stay. Many of these platforms did not exist 15 years ago, and some of them will no longer exist 10 years from now. Healthcare apps for smartphones, portals and big corporate electronic health record (EHR) systems struggle to adapt to a new reality where algorithms and platform thinking emerges. Where patients are in control of their own personal data. And where everything is INTERconnected and traditional healthcare systems (still) are just INTRAconnected. They will enter the ‘End of Life’ phase of their current product cycle. While many digital health critics at present address privacy and security issues – next to the looming market domination by modern tech-titans – I expect these new global corporates will be compliant to the European GDPR sooner than many of our healthcare institutions.”

Click here to read more about the book “Augmented Health(care)” and to buy it.


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