AI. How To Get It Right?

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Why is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare a worthwhile investment? Where can AI technologies be utilised? How might AI help build sustainable healthcare?

Download a free report by the NHSX “Artificial Intelligence: How to get it right. Putting policy into practice for safe data-driven innovation in health and care.”

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Medical or care-related tasks that can be automated or augmented.

AI presents significant opportunities for keeping people healthy, improving care, saving lives and saving money for the pilot digital technologies. Furthermore, it’s not just patients who can benefit. AI can also support clinicians, enabling them to make the best use of their expertise, informing their decisions and saving them time.

The report by NHSX gives a considered and cohesive overview of the current state of play of data-driven technologies within the health and care system, covering everything from the local research environment to international frameworks in development.

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Areas of most considerable development in AI/data-driven technologies.

This 55-page-long document outlines where the AI technologies can be utilised and the policy work that is and will need to be done, to ensure this utilisation is done in a safe, effective and ethically acceptable manner.

Chapters 1 and 2 present the potential use of AI.
Chapter 3 is an in-depth look at the Governance of AI.
Chapter 4 is all about the data that fuels AI.
Chapter 5 covers adoption and spread.
Chapter 6 comes back to the people of the NHS.
Chapter 7 analyses the global AI ecosystem.
Chapter 8 concludes with the NHS AI Lab.

Click here to download the full report >

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