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American Medical Association has published the “Telehealth Implementation Playbook” to support the successful adoption of telehealth – real-time audio/visual visits between a physician and patient. It’s especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic when many physicians and patients can communicate with each other only by phone or using video chats. 

The ‬‬guide book explains precisely the essential 12 steps to the implementation of telehealth visits:

Step 1 / Identifying a Need
Step 2 / Forming the Team
Step 3 / Defining Success
Step 4 / Evaluating the Vendor
Step 5 / Making the Case
Step 6 / Contracting
Step 7 / Designing the Workflow
Step 8 / Preparing the Care Team
Step 9 / Partnering with the Patient
Step 10 / Implementing
Step 11 / Evaluating Success
Step 12 / Scaling

“With the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on access to medical care, there is no better time to help physicians navigate and implement telemedicine into their practices and enhance their ability to care for patients. Through telemedicine, we can triage patients and help avoid unnecessary visits to health care settings, thereby reducing exposure to the COVID-19 virus and helping to keep our front lines safe, ensuring they have the resources needed to take on this immense challenge. The tools and guidelines being created now are already helping many to use telemedicine and will
continue to help define its role at this moment, and shape the future of physician practice” – explains in the introduction Dr. Russell Libby, AMA Board Member.

Click here to download the “Telehealth Implementation Playbook” >


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Click to access ama-telehealth-playbook.pdf

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