Why Can’t You Hurt A Robot?

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People facing the era of digitalization. Illustration by Aga Więckowska

When you start to type or click, you release the potential locked in a computer or software. Philosophers say that you add context to the technologies. Scientists would call it open-ended dialogue. How does the emotional, chaotic brain create a relationship with logical, programmed processors?

“I” mirrored on the screen

The pioneers of the technological revolution that started over 300 years ago certainly didn’t expect that the steam machine composed of screws, bearings, rivets, and gears would evolve into the trusted daily companions of human beings. A few decades ago, giant, mechanical creatures left the factories to enter our homes. Since then, they have been miniaturized, equipped with powerful computing capabilities and all closed in eye-catching cases. They were also given user-friendly interfaces.

Computers, smartwatches and smartphones were initially built to augment our physical and mental abilities. Apparently, they are like many other tools: a hammer helps to build a house, a car enables us to move quickly from one place to another, and a computer is to write documents, communicate, or create.  But unlike simple, manual devices, digital technologies are much more complex. Their mind-blowing abilities, even if these are only mathematical calculations, evoke respect. In the current era of digitalization, they provide entertainment, communication, help, and even safety. We have become dependent on them. 

Last time you left your smartphone at home, did it make you anxious? Or did you perhaps get angry because you found yourself in a place with no access to the internet? How many times a day do you check the latest posts on social media?

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Harmonious symbiosis between people and technologies. Illustration by Aga Więckowska

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