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We fall in love with digital health innovations – claims Professor Harold Thimbleby in his new book “Fix IT. See and Solve the Problems of Digital Healthcare.” In his view, too often, we are so fascinated by all the med-tech innovations that we fail to recognize the risks they pose.

He calls it “cat thinking” – blinded by the possibilities of technology, we believe in their capabilities without limits and treat them as perfect solutions.

After reading the book, I made a simple infographic showing what “cat thinking” is all about. I look forward to hearing your feedback in the discussion on LinkedIn.

Cat Thinking in Digital Health

Prof Harold Thimbleby is See Change Fellow in Digital Health, based at Swansea University in Wales. He is an Expert Advisor on IT to the Royal College of Physicians, a member of the World Health Organization’s Patient Safety Network, Patient Safety Council Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, and an advisor to the Clinical Human Factors Group and to the UK Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). He is also a patient. He has peripheral neuropathy, which makes activities like walking and writing painful and increasingly difficult.

Click on the image for the book preview.

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