20 Takeaways From Helsinki

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HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference 2019. Key messages, expert’s quotes, and best moments in pictures. 

Digital health solutions must be designed together with patients, not only for them. Stefanie Veraghtert, a social entrepreneur, said that patient-driven innovation is essential for technological progress.


Michael Seres, Founder and CEO at 11Health, pointed out that putting the patients in the center means empathy and bravery in changing the status-quo. We should be brave to treat patients and caregivers as equals.


The power of medicine AI is in delivering care before patients know they need it.


If you think that wearables are just shiny gadgets, you should change the mindset. Aron Anderson, an adventurer and motivational speaker, convinced the audience, that only what you measure, can be improved. Data from wearables – interpreted by AI systems – can be a source of knowledge on how to improve health and well-being.


It’s not healthcare what we have now, it’s “sick care,” claims Koen Kas, Founder at Healthskouts. Smart healthcare should care about citizens “by default,” “in the background.”


Artificial Intelligence can already support patients with chronic diseases. The next step forward is prevention. AI will tell you when to take a pill and make life easier.


When you buy something online, the delivery is tracked better than your health. Isn’t it odd?


The exhibition hall was an inspiring arena of new ideas where innovators from around the globe, small and big companies, NGOs, and healthcare organizations could not only exchange business cards but most of all – to initiate new cooperation. Nobody can change healthcare alone.


Fins know how to think out of the box. There was a slide to the exhibition hall…


The last years were propitious for digital health. The investments are growing, startups enter the market with new products and services. WHO is forming an expert group to strengthen health systems around the world through digitalization, the European Commission‘s funding programmes accelerate new projects. But… there are also a few problems and challenges.

Scandals around Facebook and Oxford Analytica undermined the trust in data safety.


The story of Elizabeth Holmes is the worst example of how a unicorn can turn into a snake. And how optimism can be turned into skepticism.


IT solutions are user-unfriendly what leads to doctor’s frustration and even burn-out. Literally: doctors hate their computers.


The digital divide is growing. It can ruin all the potential benefits of digitalization. If the new mobile health apps or telemedicine devices can be used only by those who are digitally literate, not by those who really need support, technology will become the biggest healthcare’s nightmare.


The digital health community should work together to minimalize these dangers. It’s our job to share a better future for all of us. If we don’t act, technology will shape us.


Digitalization can significantly boost the quality of care and prevention. For example, preliminary results of the Sitra study show that personalized information motivates individuals to reduce their disease risk. Health coaching improves the quality of life at moderate costs, and preventive care saves money.


To harness the power of data, to make the best use of it, we need new rules in Europe. Is it time for a new digital constitution with clear regulations and ethical guidelines?


First of all, we have to understand Artificial Intelligence. Otherwise, people won’t trust AI.


Next HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference will again take place in Helsinki, 26-28 May 2020, announced Hal Wolf, President and CEO at HIMSS.


… which is good news. Finland is one of the most innovative (and the happiest) countries in the world. Last but not least, Helsinki is a charming and citizen-friendly city.


Sneak peek from the closing ceremony. Will there be a hackathon next year?


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