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What do young people think about health and technology? How do they use digital health solutions? Download a new report. 

Digital natives will shape the world

Despite progress in many areas, the world continues to face massive global health challenges. Although people between 15 and 30 years old makeup nearly a quarter of the world’s total population, the international community dedicates less than 2% of global development assistance for health toward young people.

As digital natives, young people bring a unique perspective to global discussions and can provide valuable contributions. We surveyed over 1,500 young people around the world to shed light on what young people really think about technology in global health.

Investment in technology is critical

Health technology has had an enormous impact on almost all areas of professional health care. The ongoing digitalisation of health records and new technologies are challenging traditional doctor-patient relationships and creating more patient-focused health care systems. Artificial Intelligence is another game-changer, offering personalised treatment plans and promising new levels of efficiency in patient’s care. At the same time, technology for health has not reached its full potential. Interoperability –  the ability of computer systems to connect and exchange data – and access to technology, for instance, remain challenges in many countries. Yet this does not stop young people
believing in the transformative power of technology.





Technology is the future of health

Young people believe that technology must play an essential role in the future of health care. The majority of young people agree that five to 10 years from now, technology will be at the forefront of ensuring access to quality health services.

Young people express high hopes for the potential of AI; the “Internet of Things,” including smart devices and digital trackers; data analytics; smartphones; and biometrics to revolutionise access to and delivery of health care.

The reasons behind young people’s trust and hopes for technology are straightforward. Technology has the potential to provide better, cheaper, and more accessible health care for all.





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Source: Devex


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